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About Us

The Milwaukee Rugby Club
USA Rugby Division 2 - Founded 1968

USA National Club Champion 1985
USA National Club Champion Runner Up 1988
USA National Club Champion Runner Up 1993
USA National D2 Runner Up 2001
Midwest Central D2 Champion 2000
Midwest Champion 1985, 86, 88, 89, 92, 94, 96
Midwest 7's Champion 1991, 93, 94
Midwest B-side Champion 1995, 97
Easter Challenge Champion - Winchester, England 1993
Aspen Ruggerfest 35+ Champion 1999

Team History

Legend attributes the founding the organization known as the Milwaukee Rugby Football Club to a fellow by the name of Dai Blick. Blick, along with Dick Farrell, Dave McCord, and Vic Hilarov, our founding fathers, formed a rugby club in Milwaukee in the fall of 1968. Previously members of the Wisconsin Rugby Football Club in Madison, these gentlemen , along with Irishman Paddy Crowley, formed the team in order to save the inconvenience of driving to Madison to play rugby.

Uniforms consisting of a white shirt with a black collar and gold piping on the sleeves and a badger emblem were ordered upon the conglomeration of a team. The first-choice jerseys never arrived and instead the club took what the supplier had - black and white hoops. Black and white hoops have been the colors of the MRFC ever since. Some would even go as far to say the same the actual uniforms from that first squad are still in action today.

1968 Milwaukee Rugby Football Club
Standing (L to R): John Paddy Crowley, Dick Farell, John Welch, Al Rudnitzki, John Modrinski, N/A, Gordon
Kneeling (L to R): N/A Dick Axford, Arnie Rose, Dai Blick, N/A, Roman
Lying: Greg Schwabe & Dave McCord

Evolution of the MRFC Crest

1968 - 1978
Vic Hilaroc created the original MRFC crest. The Fleur de Lis represents France, while the Lion represents the four home nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales,. i.e. the British Lions. Thus, the crest symbolizes the oldest annual contest in the Rugby World -- the Five Nations championship.
1978 - 1988
Around 1978, the banner with the "Milwaukee Rugby Club" was dropped. Why? -- No clue.
1988 - Present
In 1988, Tom Queoff, a world-renowned sculptor, artist and former MRFC player, "modernized" it. He dropped the Fleur de Lis and enlarged the lion while bringing back the banner. Why? -- Ask Queoff. He is in the book.


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